Master Your Emotions in 3 - Simple Steps

When we are not able to manage our emotions, we do one of two things - - either react to situations or avoid our emotions and suppress them. People use various ways to avoid and distract themselves from their feelings such as finding ways to be busy, working more, using substances like alcohol or eating and other erratic behaviors. This can lead to addictions, depression and anxiety.







Mastering your emotions will results in:

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Connecting with yourself and others
  • Improved relationships and social life
  • Ability to make effective decisions and solve problems
  • Increased self- confidence
  • Greater success at work

This is why I have created the ARC formula:



Become aware of thoughts, feelings and physiology.


Accept and acknowledge emotions and learn to identify feelings and their messages. Recognize distorted thinking patterns and beliefs, contributing to emotional reactions.


Learn strategies to deal with emotions effectively.

Healing Your Core Wounds


Our self-beliefs that hurt the most come from our core wounds.
They become major sources for emotional distress and impact our lives.

Did you know that our core wounds are formed before our 7th birthday? That is crazy, right?

Every core wound is based on a basic knowledge that we are unacceptable as we are, so we have to adjust and change to be perceived as good. In the first couple of pages, you might recognize your beliefs.  If not, continue on and learn how to identify them.

You can heal your core wounds and lift your limiting beliefs. I know you can because I did it and help others to do the same thing, every day.

That is why I created this 15 page guidebook - to help you heal.

3-Steps To Lasting Change


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