Practice living in your truth, and you will see the world through different eyes.

If you feel stuck and are not getting the results you want out of life, there are several programs available that can help depending on who you are and where you’re at.

You may feel today like you are trapped or stuck, but that is not how your story ends. You can release the pain from your past without swimming in the memories. I am fiercely committed to empowering high performing women & men to reignite their creative spark so they can turn their unmet dreams into real life. Together we focus on what really matters, imagining your future, mastering your brain, and planning and taking action.

My proven ARC methodology blended with real life strategies, neuroscience, and motivational psychology will give you the ability to create and live a life you love. Changes can be made while honoring key commitments and responsibilities that continue to matter to you as you move forward and unleash the power within you.

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What if you could change your life in just 10 weeks?

You can create real breakthroughs and make changes that will last.

It’s time to take control of your life and start living with intention, purpose, passion. And it all begins right here - - at the Breakthrough Transformation Experience.

WE quickly get to the root of what is really holding you back so YOU can create the life YOU truly desire.

LEARN how to - - Identify – Review – Change YOUR narrative AND - -

  • Destroy limiting beliefs
  • Take NEW actions
  • Practice emotional agility
  • Cultivate your passions
  • Take control of YOUR life

Emotional pain takes so many forms – the grief of loss, overwhelming stress and anxiety, depression, job burnout, feeling stuck or trapped, heartbreak, lingering guilt, regret, fear, pent up anger, worry about your future, and shame from the past.

When we are faced with difficulty and/or uncertainty, most of us do our very best to cope and just carry on.

Painful experiences create toxic waste that gets stored on our mind and body, keeping us bound to the past and over time, wears us down.

The Bridges2Bravery Breakthrough Transformation Experience will help YOU rediscover who you REALLY are - -

AND - -

  • Get in touch with your unresolved mental & emotional baggage
  • Heal and overcome YOUR past by letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions
  • Learn how to set and enforce HEALTHY boundaries
  • Be guided through an in-depth FORGIVENESS process so YOU can HEAL unresolved conflicts
  • Learn to LOVE yourself

You WILL experience emotional release and YOU WILL feel unconditional LOVE & ACCEPTANCE! You will also get the tools you’ve always wanted so that you NEVER have to feel this way AGAIN.

It may get uncomfortable at times because the only way out is in – THIS is where REAL transformation BEGINS.

one on one

YOU are stuck, lost, and unmotivated. You feel like you’ve tried everything to get unstuck but nothing has worked.At the end of the day, we all want to be happy. But sometimes it seems like happiness is just out of reach no matter how hard we try or what effort we put in. Happiness seems elusive and unattainable because life keeps getting in the way! The truth is that happiness isn’t as far away as it may seem - - if only you knew what was holding YOU back from experiencing it for yourself!

This GROWTH doesn’t HAPPEN by accident. It takes intention, bravery, and a willingness to do the work and invest in having the right GUIDANCE and SUPPORT!

CHANGE cannot occur by talking alone. LIFE can me scary and messy. But YOU can take the steps and move FORWARD so YOU can LOVE your LIFE!

When YOU need more than courage, when YOU need a coach, there is only one answer…BECOME A CLIENT and join Shari Lueck!

Every person has an innate desire to live their best life possible; however many people might not know where to start or have even heard about these tools before!



90 minutes of personalized Coaching with Shari Lueck

Life happens and the unexpected can surprise us and through us for a loop. Get the SUPPORT you need and DISCOVER how to ENJOY life even in the chaos.

BE gentle with YOUrself. KEEP control of your LIFE. Harness YOUR energy to GAIN focus so YOU can move forward with EASE.